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Camp Meeting REMIX Information /
October 28-30

Friday Night / Worship Service

7 pm

- Worship with Meredith Andrews

- Preaching with Jason Ferreira


Saturday Morning / Breakout Sessions

9 am

- Worship with Meredith Andrews

- Breakout Sessions:

Meredith Andrews: student girls  

Micah Marshall: student guys

Wade Joye: worship pastors and team members

Jon Manna: adults

Pastor Troy Maxwell: pastors

11 am

- Breakout Session:

Pastor Troy Maxwell: all ages


Saturday Night / Night Of Worship

 7 pm

- Worship with Meredith Andrews


Sunday Morning / Worship Service

11 am

- Worship with Zac and Ashley Lenz

- Preaching with Matt Gioia


Sunday Night / Worship & Prayer Service

6 pm

- Preaching with Bethany Marshall

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